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Welcome to the web site of the Saugus Teachers Association. The Association represents over 500 teachers working for the Saugus Union School District in grades K through 6 and as certificated specialists. Our schools are located in the Santa Clarita Valley in Southern California. Our office is at 26111 Bouquet Canyon Road, Suite H-5 in Saugus, CA 91350. The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. You may e-mail the association president directly at or call her cell phone at 661-803-1641.


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Frequently Asked Questions ?

History of the Saugus Teachers Association

Officers and Site Reps

STA 2010-2011 Calendar

District Calendar

Benefits of Membership

Negotiations Update

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Grievance Information

Site Rep Meeting Summaries

STA / SUSD Contract

STA STATIC Newsletter (including the current president's message)


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  • Minimum day for collegial planning Thurs., Sept. 30
  • STA general meeting Thurs., Sept. 30, 3:45, at Rio Vista
  • Fall Break October 4 - 8
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    Deadline to donate to Catastrophic Leave October 8
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    Columbus Day October 11
  • SUSD School Board meeting Tuesday, October 19
  • Minimum day Thursday, October 28

You may also visit the web sites of our parent organizations:

California Teachers Association (CTA) and

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National Education Association (NEA)

Santa Clarita Valley Teachers Association (SCVTA)

Other useful web sites for teachers are:

Saugus Union School District

CTA (403b and 457 plan resources)

CalSTRS Benefits

Brokers of Expertise (CA State Dept. of Education's "Facebook for Teachers")

Education World

State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)

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Macmillan McGraw-Hill California Mathematics

Harcourt Brace

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Education Place (Houghton Mifflin)

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Scott Foresman California History / Social Science

Scott Foresman Reading

Teachers at Work

California Department of Education

Discovery guide to education web sites

The Gateway (search engine for more than 140 education sites)

Bookhive (annotated lists of children's books)


Teacher Files (including clip art)

Horace Mann Insurance for Educators

Open Court

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I Love Schools (matches teachers with donors)

Thinkfinity (formerly Marco Polo)

iSafe (Internet safety for students and teachers)

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